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29th Mar 2012

Massive Hemostatic Transfusion: Implications for Trauma Resuscitation

This is a synopsis of a topic I recently reviewed for my senior medical student classmates.  Massive transfusion is defined as ≥ 10 units of packed erythrocytes given over 24...

12th Sep 2016

Applied Mathematics Thesis

Here is some representative work that was completed during my undergraduate days at the University of Washington. In the the first project (Spring 2005), I modeled the population flux between...

12th Sep 2016

Triage Bias in the Emergency Department

From “Triage Bias in Emergency Medicine: The Edith Rodriguez Tragedy”  J. Gertsner, A. Harvey, B. Jones, B. Krasity, J. MacCallum , L. Naing, T. Pham, Victor Tseng University of Wisconsin School...

12th Sep 2016

Genetics Thesis

My undergraduate thesis, conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Gerry Smith at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA. In this work, spanning 2005 – 2006, I elucidate the...

10th Jan 2015

Trauma Hotel

navy cotton straps at four points leash her to the rails shackle in the bed the needle parade draw doses up grease those screamy wails ravel un coma said and...

09th Jan 2015

Anchors Aweigh

“The physician must not only be prepared to do what is right himself, but also to make the patient, the attendants, and externals cooperate.” – Hippocrates, in Aphorisms I On...

16th Sep 2014

Letters from a Train Ride

Excerpts from Letters From a Train Ride: May 21 – June 2 2009   I am writing these notes on the return to Seattle from Chicago via the Empire Builder of...

23rd Apr 2014


Dedicated to XJW.   STRANGE, how I eclipse the sound fill space abyss with stone hush allowed mystic riff, far distance the listening owls noiseless, but for my ClatteRy RuCkSacK...

14th Apr 2014

Triple Point

dedicated to XJW when I rain down from black comet heights and solar wind there you built a dam to condense me still, something spilled over. when I vaporize under...

10th Dec 2013

Why Classical Music Matters

When I first tried understand if classical music was indeed an “endangered” art form, I basically ran into a tense shootout between ideologues. Overall, it strikes me as a stuffy...

25th Jun 2012
View of the district of Thomazeau.  The district is comprised of 4 different regions situated in the valley.

Watchful Waiting: A Medical Student’s Experience of Septic Shock in Haiti

by JILOO SHAH, MD It was Friday April 20, 2012 and our last day of clinic in the village of Thomazeau, Haiti. The time was roughly 5:30 in the afternoon...