Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting my page! This site is not intended as a personal blog of any sort. Rather, it is a sort of compendium of editorials, reviews, photography, comments, and teaching materials that are felt to be appropriate for public viewing. I generally post about topics that are of interest to me, including music, poetry, film criticism, photography, controversies in medicine, mathematical adventures, and current events

I am developing some sections to be that are dedicated to teaching. So far, these are not anywhere near fully organized, and are serving more as a repository of study guides directed at the pre-clinical level. In the “Media” section, you will eventually find some of my more meaty projects

Ongoing projects and updates include:

  • Writing an online internal medicine clinical primer, targeted towards housestaff/residents, and covering major topics in the clinic, ward, and intensive care settings
  • Recording songs and music




My CV can be found here.