Applied Mathematics Thesis

Here is some representative work that was completed during my undergraduate days at the University of Washington.

  • In the the first project (Spring 2005), I modeled the population flux between two populations using a discrete computational method for expanded Verhulst-type dynamic within a system of coupled logistic equations. I explored the equilibria of this system and the implications of r/K-selected populations. You may read the manuscript, “Capacity-Based Migration Model for Two Populations“, here (pdf)
  • In the second project (Winter 2006), I collaborated with a a computer science student (J. Edwards) and a Boeing engineer (C. Brooking) on an analysis of the movement and collision of microtubules – nanoscale articulated bodies subject to Brownian motion – through 2-dimensional corridors. I was responsible for implementing the method of discrete Lengevin dynamics, Weiner iteration, and behavior at boundary conditions. I went under the pen name “Fynn” in those days…long story. You may read the manuscript, “Transmission of Microtubules Through Cross-Channels with C8 Symmetry: A Design Problem Based on Non-Linear Stochastic Dynamicshere (pdf)

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