Dedicated to XJW.


STRANGE, how I eclipse the sound
fill space abyss with stone hush allowed
mystic riff, far distance the listening owls
noiseless, but for my ClatteRy RuCkSacK

PAUSE, I stop my steps go silent
my ear craves stethoscope asylum
not a stir not friction nylons
    all is mute, dim like

LOOK, ahead I stare up the river mouth
in water layers half eaten trout
flat feet proud the egret bow
    to me, or mud

STRANGE, how your voice ascends so high
cleansed and dry above blue ridges climb
a lonesome wren flew in the night, such sighing
    my music, mine

PAUSE, rest my labor to hear you more purely
the tone and quaver and theorem so searing
your tongue a soft siren shy veal me delirious
    deep past tree lines, you find me

LOOK, sideways I peer across the estuary
frogs on log ferries the poison curare
dares me to move and break the still air
    and blot out your euphony, forever

always it vanishes, always escapes
my dragonfly chases,  farther away

how I eclipse my own sound
gruesome din to subzero I drowned
shotgun grim noose plugged earlobes devour

    festooned us with fuchsia, beneath evergreen towers
    roosted deep, my body stands stalwart
    fathoms of dendrites, clamped throat bolted deadlock
    madman eats red vines, granola bran coleslaw

YEARNING, toothache for your tangerine soothsay
nectar phonics sweeten, the slow gulping wheezing
western hornet needles, the roman bald eagles

always it vanishes, always escapes
my dragonfly chases,  farther away

I hearken skyward and strain to hear you
in silence beckons the far cry snow
    hearken skyward blind indigo
    stray thyroid gallops the heart speed strobe
    the one the voice I heard, heard long ago

Audible you
not here any more 


by Victor Tseng. April 2014.

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